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Is a service or assistance dog for you?

airline travelEqual rights form the base of living life to the fullest but it may not always seem that way for those suffering physical or mental disabilities, often confined, isolated, and dependent on others to achieve many of the little things others take for granted. A service/assistance dog can certainly be one of the possible solutions for people in this predicament as they have the ability to empower the disabled to overcome barriers giving a new-found independence.

Historically these dogs were trained before passing to the handler often at great cost – Service DogTraining’s approach has the handler involved in training their own service /assistance dog. This enhances the bond between the handler and the dog and often creates additional intuitive outcomes that make dogs so special.

A service dog can be trained to help in many ways such as alerting to meltdowns and seizures; help with pain and depression; help someone venture from their home; be the anchor for PTSD sufferers;  fetch and carry, open and close doors, cupboards, cabinets; offer stability – the list is very long and still ever growing.

Service DogTraining offers support services to those wanting to take steps to further independence, self-reliance and empowerment with the help of a self-trained Service / Assistance dog.

For those suffering from PTSD through service with the ADF or EMS, please see our special page on PTSD and the programme we deliver through Soldier On K9 Support.

NB: You and your family need to check if this could be an option BEFORE getting a dog. Please read Considerations Before Applying for an Assistance dog, if you are considering getting a service dog – a MUST and SHOULD read.