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Assistance Dog Training Melbourne

The programme is adapted to suit people with an autism spectrum disorder– and especially children with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. The bond between human and their canine companion assures their safety and gives independence in their life, whilst offering safety to parents or carers. We have worked with a variety of children and parents as can be seen from some of our newsletters and feedback featured behind the Information tab.

Course materials can be adapted to include visual cues and storyboards with simple step by step explanations of training exercises. Other resources include training manuals and DVDs.

Does your child have ASD?

Are you looking at getting an assistance dog?  Have you looked at an ASD dog objectively?  Will this ‘aid’ help reduce some of the issues family and child encounter on the journey of development?

Be aware of the special considerations – sensory issues like touch, small dog/large dog, fur type, colour. These considerations make a minefield of finding the right dog .

There are many success stories and even more disasters.  The search for the perfect dog is a lonely, long, and tedious journey but, if successful, the outcome will be life-changing for all involved.Duke on his Happy Mat

Please review our recommended process to shortlist some dog breeds to work with and cull to a final choice.  The selection of the right breeders is another minefield.  Crucial is finding the right temperament and a very healthy dog; one that is stable and remains calm during meltdowns. This does happen making the situation very stressful for all involved.

Luckily some of our Mentored SDT trainers have experience training  an ASD dog for a family member, so they know the stresses and difficulties, but also how rewarding the progress steps, the amount of patience needed, etc.

The website also feature stories of families who have taken this long and winding road and read their stories, efforts and outcomes.