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IMG_0810Any organisation working with people with disabilities would welcome volunteers.  But this is not for everybody.  You need patience, empathy, be hands-on as needed, and not afraid to ‘get your hands dirty’ if the situation requires.  Volunteers are welcome to join us to assist in spreading the benefits of this programme and empowering people to train their own service dog as widely as possible.

Volunteers may assist our clients with their training after they have received appropriate free training themselves. Our volunteers play a very important role in the ongoing, personal contact and hands-on training with our handler/dog teams. Please understand that volunteer training will only be offered at regular intervals and may not coincide with the time you complete your application.

If you are interested to become a volunteer in this programme, click for MS Word format or in pdf format click here to download the Volunteer Application form and we look forward to discussing our client needs with you.