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Useful Links

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Links to useful websites are classified by the tabs below.  Click on the tab to reveal links to external websites.  A link to an organisation does not necessary suggest that Service DogTraining endorses all and every sentiment or philosophy of that organisation.

  • International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
    A non-profit, cross-disability organization representing people partnered with guide, hearing and service dogs.
  • Assistance Dogs International, Inc.
    Assistance Dogs International, Inc. – A coalition of not for profit organizations that train and place Assistance Dogs. The purpose of ADI is to improve the areas of training, placement, and utilization of Assistance Dogs as well as staff and volunteer education.
  • Animal Assisted Therapy International
    Animal Assisted Therapy International – Is an International Organization With over 15 years experience in AAT – We are recognized in several countries such Canada, Argentina, Israel, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Uruguay, Salvador etc etc – We provide online courses And Animal Assisted Therapy Sessions in English, Spanish & Hebrew Languages. We are located in Montreal, Canada, and Buenos Aires Argentina.
  • Guide, hearing and assistance dogs QUEENSLAND
    Guide, hearing and assistance dogs QUEENSLAND – Learn more about what is required to have a dog accredited under the Queensland Government facilities. Please click through to the relevant areas to find out all you may want to know.

  • 4 Paws for Ability
    4 Paws for Ability – 4 Paws for Ability enriches the lives of people with disabilities by the training and placement of service dogs to provide individuals with companionship and promote independent living
  • Service Dogs – description
    Service Dogs – description – Confused? Great site that helps you explain about service dogs – any dog assisting a person with a disability is considered a service dog (exclusive of therapy dogs)
  • Canine Helpers for the Disabled Inc
    Canine Helpers is a community support organisation that provides assistance to people with a disability.
  • SourceKids
    Source Kids is Australia’s first (and only) magazine for parents, carers and professionals of children with special needs.
  • www.amaze.org.au.
    Previously Autism Victoria (Australia), this is the first place to call for information and advice for anyone interested in finding out more about Autism Spectrum Disorders, especially if you live in Victoria, Australia.
  • Autism Plus
    Their mission is to provide support services to the Autism and Disability community in Australia.
  • Righteous Pups Australia
    Righteous Pups Australia – (Formerly Righteous Pups Bendigo) is a not for profit organisation with a mission to raise, socialize and train Autism Assistance Dogs to do a variety of practical tasks for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families.
  • All Purpose Canines – Making a difference
    All Purpose Canines – Making a difference – Provides individuals on the Autism Spectrum a properly trained service dog to help improve their quality of life, enhance their independence and reach their fullest potential.
  • Autism Data
    Autism Data – Search for books, articles and multimedia in the field of autism on Autism Data
  • UK Autism Services Directory
    UK Autism Services Directory – Search for services for people with autism across the UK on the Autism Services Directory
  • Smart Pups QLD
    Smart Pups QLD – A not for profit service dog association specialising in Autism dogs.
  • Understanding the Spectrum  Comic strip character, Archie explains  the autism spectrum in the hope to give people a better understanding. 
  • Finding a Suitable candidate for service dog work
    Published by the International Association of  Assistance Dog partners, pointers when thinking about getting a service or assistance dog
  • The Queensland Dog Breeder Register
    New Law in Queensland effective 26 May 2017 to promote responsible breeding of dogs
  • Guide to Psychiatric Service Dogs for Mental Health Treatment The role of the dog has expanded again to help those with mental disabilities regain a sense of control and independence. This USA website has extensive information about dogs for mental health treatment
  • Theraot Dogs
    Theraot Dogs – Therapy Dogs International, Inc. (TDI) is a volunteer organization dedicated to regulating, testing and registration of therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers for the purpose of visiting nursing homes, hospitals, other institutions and wherever else therapy dogs are needed.
  • K9Coach & Puppy Coach
    K9Coach & Puppy Coach – K9Coach (Incorp Puppy Coach) , Melbourne, Australia – people’s choice for dog & puppy training . Using positive reinforcement coaching methods. Specialist inhome behavioural dog trainers for adult dogs and puppies, puppy group coach specialist, online clinic and more.
  • Pets
    Pets – The complete online guide to pets, with pet information, a breeder and business directory a pet forum and more.
  • Changes to the DDA: Disability Discrimination and Other Human Rights Legislation Amendment Act 2008
  • Oz Doggy
    Oz Doggy – Over 2 million Australians have been there! This great Australian based and managed dog related website offers a wealth of information in all dog related fields.
  • Therapy Animals helping with Rehabilitation
    This USA site is about animal-assisted therapy (AAT) which involves the use of animals to help humans deal with physical or emotional issues.
  • Support dogs
    UK organisation dedicated to increasing independence and quality of life for people with various medical conditions

NB: The links listed on this site have been selected for the purpose of supplying the user with the widest selection of information available on canines and service dog training. Whilst every care is taken, Service DogTraining cannot accept any responsibility for the correctness of the information supplied, nor does it condone all methods, information or equipment appearing on these sites nor can it be held responsible for any of the actions of the associates or link owners. The principle of ‘buyer beware’ applies at all times.

Please advise of any links listed that are not considered suitable. Comments concerning our listed links are welcomed on admin@servicedogtraining.com.au