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SDT Mentor Trainers

We are delighted to introduce the trainers under our mentor trainer programme, available to assist using the SDT training system and materials, the same understanding and empathy (most have their own service dog) and completed their training with us with the same commitment and the same conditions and costs. They have access to us any time if guidance is needed. The paperwork and policies are the same as SDT but with the bonus of having a real person locally ‘in the know’ to help you!

We hope to establish more Trainers under SDT Mentorship contacts soon, but we are delighted to introduce the SDT Mentor Trainers below. To contact, complete the ‘Contact us’ form, and we will happily relay on to the most appropriate Mentor Trainer.

      Click the tabs above for information on our Mentor trainers in that State. If you prefer, email admin@servicedogtraining.com.au and we will relay your request to the applicable Mentor Trainer


  • Emelia Wilmot is a registered Music Therapist living in Melbourne, Victoria and a lifelong lover of dogs.  She has worked in diverse music therapy positions including: Adolescent and adult mental health, palliative care, special education, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), women’s & children’s refuge, aged care, acquired brain injury and stroke rehabilitation.
    Emelia completed her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services at Hanrob Dog Training Academy and is currently undertaking a mentorship with Service Dog Training.  She lives in Melbourne’s North Western suburbs with her partner and two beautiful kelpies that assist her with clients.  Email em@servicedogtraining.com.au
    Em’s tel. 0414 477 772


  • Michelle Giles has had a passion for animals for as long as she can remember. She is a Registered Nurse caring for people with mental illness and has Post Graduate Studies in Health Promotion.Michelle started out training horses to saddle and harness and for the last 5 years has trained dogs at her local dog club. She completed the Trainers Course at her Club and went on to complete a Diploma in Canine Behaviour Consulting through the International College of Canine Studies. She holds the belief that a dog’s compassion and connection can change lives for the better, Michelle lives in the Geelong area and is pleased to join Service DogTraining Mentor Trainers and help guide people towards a fulfilling, successful relationship with their Service dog in training. Email michellem@servicedogtraining.com.au Michelle’s tel. 0439 111 914
  • Sally Stewart is my name, and I am a Delta graduate with a Level 4 Behavioural Dog Training qualification.  My husband and I owned and ran Leopold Pet Hospital, outside Geelong for over 20 years, before selling it 4 years ago. I have spent over 15 years teaching Puppy PreSchool, as well as privately helping people with training problems. I also instruct young and adult dog classes for newcomers at Bellarine Dog Activity Group. I bred and showed Dalmatians for many years before my kids came along. I now show Griffons and Affenpinschers, and my doggie family is made up with them, a Dalmatian and sometimes my daughter’s boxer. I passionately believe that dogs should have the opportunity to learn good social manners as they settle in to their new lives, and develop a good relationship and strong training bond with their new owners, through the use of positive training techniques.I “fell into” service dog training after an enquiry for a Delta graduate to help with training a puppy to become a child’s assistance dog. This was then joined by a second enquiry on behalf of another child. This is a brand new challenge for me. I see it as an extremely worthwhile extension of my current abilities and I am both excited and challenged by what the future might hold. I’m hoping that with good help and support from Hans, and others with good knowledge that I can be part of a great outcome for these children.


  • Tessa Stow and Tracey Adams of “K9 Support” have joined SDT as Mentor dog trainers, and are happy to be of service to SDT and their clients. Both Tracey and Tessa have experience in training dogs for PAT accreditation and extensive training of dogs in general. Both are looking forward to the challenges and rewards of working with SDT and their clients (for more information pls see www.K9Support.com.au) and they are happy both to train dogs already in the family “which are suitable” but are also happy to choose and train pups from 8 weeks old. Tessa is also a qualified counsellor as well as dog trainer. Whilst we are based in Benalla (VIC), we can cover not only BENALLA, WANGARATTA, SHEPPARTON and areas on a similar distance. If you like to have a chat, please call Tessa on 03 57 632 471 and leave a message if needed or email tessa@servicedogtraining.com.au


Ryan Geddes: Ryan, in the Army for 6 years with two deployments to Afghanistan was medically discharged after suffering head and back injuries. Joining Whiskey’s Wish Inc., he trained his dog Yogi to assist with his Injuries and discovered the power of healing and helping dogs offer. Ryan did an accredited dog trainer course with the Australian DogTrainers Academy and SDT to learn more to be able to help others discover the power of a PTSD dog. Also trained in obedience issues the Mentor association with SDT was very appealing as there are many veterans and EMS people needing help. Give Ryan a call on 0402 423266 or email ryan@servicedogtraining.com.au and have a chat. Ryan will travel up to one hour from Newcastle.


  • Tidddlespup SDT – Helping you train your own assistance dog. Specializing in assisting families and autistic children with assistance dog training. Phone: 0466259470 or email Tiddlespup@servicedogtraining.com.au Tiddlespup SDT; a husband and wife team. Zeb and Karla have been married for over a decade and have made their own tribe of little people. In 2015 they added SDT Espresso for their autistic daughter. Since embarking on this journey they have grown a passion for helping others on their own journey of training an assistance dog. The amazing difference espresso has made for whole family (insert link to story) has been the driving force behind taking up the role of mentoring families through training assistance dogs of their own. With experience in training an autism assistance dog for their child they will specialize in this area and are excited to broaden their area of knowledge, branching out to help others and they cover the area around MARYBOROUGH, QLD. NB: we are happy to service Wide Bay, Fraser Coast, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas. That covers Bundaberg-Brisbane


  • Jo Normand: While spending the best part of 20 years in the USA, Jo decided to study with a Nationally Accredited Dog Training Academy in the States while recovering from a debilitating chronic impairment. It was through observing her dog Brando who would not leave her side, that this was borne. Over 9 years as a Dog Trainer stateside & serving the community in a volunteer capacity at shelters, pet adoption centres & children’s reading programs with the help of dogs to keep them calm and focussed. Jo also became an accredited Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, a national program developed by the American Kennel Club.Jo moved back to Australia with her husband in 2013 and formed DogSense Dog Training & Pet Services in the Bayside suburbs of Brisbane. Relationship building is a major key to success in any business, and none more so than that between owner and companion, trainer and client. She is passionate about education and empowerment through positive reinforcement methods to form strong bonds while being the best of mates no matter what the challenge – your buddy has your back! Jo was very excited to learn of SDT following the successful training of two mental health sufferers with their assistance dogs. She is keen to support and educate each unique client in every way possible under the SDT programs.Jo can be contacted via email:  jo@servicedogtraining.com.au or text/phone: 0497 868 666 for inquiries serving Brisbane to the Tweed Heads border.


  • Karen Harvey’s lifelong dream was to be able to help people understand their dogs and teach them how to educate the dogs in a positive, kind, and gentle way, as our dogs are truly members of our family. She has worked with many different dog training businesses over the years with many wonderful experiences and rewards. Karen was lucky enough to also work overseas with clients in the United Kingdom and in New Zealand.Whilst training therapy dogs Karen was always amazed by the empathy and understanding a dog can have for people. One of her dogs used to visit an aged care facility, spending most of their time with the residents suffering Alzheimer’s and her dog’s calm and gentle approach to the residents constantly amazed Karen.  Contact Karen on karen@servicedogtraining.com.au or 0414 744 942

  • Georgia Geller has worked with animals all of her life and her passion continued into adulthood when she completed a Cert 1I1 in Canine Behaviour and Dog Training, and is now accredited as a Canine Behaviourist and Certified Professional Dog Trainer. She specialises in Scent Detection (for example peanut allergy detection) and mental health Assistance / Service Dogs training. She runs her own canine training business Canine Essentials and tutors postgraduate and undergraduate university students through her other business Nursing Tutoring Essentials. In combination with being a Canine Behaviourist and Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Georgia is also a Registered Nurse and has now completed a PhD in Psychiatric Nursing. Using this unique combination of qualifications, in both businesses her focus and passion is working with people with disabilities, and she seeks to build a bridge between this and the role dogs can play in society – predominantly in the health care context. Specialising in mental health issues, in particular PTSD, Georgia is Adelaide  based and happy to travel. Contact her on georgia@servicedogtraining.com.au or 0426 975 364.

Kim Robertson is a Canine Behaviour Consultant in Hobart, Tasmania. I have been working with families and their troubled dogs for over twenty years. I received my Certificate IV in 2006 with the Delta Society in Companion Animal Training. I have assisted a number of families on their journey toward PAT in Tasmania and would like to expand my knowledge in this area with the expertise of SDT.
I live with my two teenagers on a small acreage in Sandford. The training grounds are relaxing and peaceful and open to clients who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city with their dogs. Our delightful 6 year old Labby, Tarkine was part of a ‘Pups in Prison Program’ in 2012 and due to a disability of his own was unable to become an assistance dog. We were fortunate enough to bring him home to live with us. He enjoys his new job, supporting autism awareness, education facilities and of course me, when he helps with dogs training.
Kim can be reached on 0409 488753, or at the office on 03 62488744 or by email on kim@servicedogtraining.com.au. Kim is happy to meet with client in Hobart and surrounding suburbs and is also happy to skype with families who are unable to get to Hobart.

Dee Gunter Our first trainer to join our group is a very special lady, whom we have known for many years, she trained and accredited her own dog under our guidance, and since has completed a nationally recognised dog trainer course with us. Dee is in a wheelchair and hearing impaired – she did great and has a knack with dogs and people. We are delighted to have Dee cover the CANBERRA area and some surrounding areas for us. Dee also trains at a local club and has already helped SDT clients and taken them fully over Well done Dee! Email Dee on dee@servicedogtraining.com.au or send her a TEXT ONLY on 0452 040 766