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ghadog-badge-imageHans, on behalf of Service DogTraining is an approved training institution (Assistance Dogs) under the Queensland Government’s Section 71(4) of the Guide, hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009. Please visit for further details.

This means that teams seeking accreditation will be covered under this legislation within the state of Queensland, and the reach of this accreditation now covers accommodation in Queensland and access to the Virgin Airlines network in Australia. (see Virgin Airlines for up to date details).

Accreditation is mostly based on the Assistance Dogs International Public Access Test (or PAT); a common sense document listing a service / assistance dog‘s skills required to achieve public acceptance status.  Most other PAT’s are based on a similar framework and the PAT used by the Queensland Government forms the basis of all our training.

We urge all applicants and their family to familiarise themselves with the Layman summary of the Disability Discrimination Legislation which explains in layman’s terms the rights and legislation and what actions you may consider under certain circumstances.

NB: please note this does not represent a legal opinion or recommendation. Buyer be aware applies.